Wyvernwood Apartments Green SpacesParks, Playgrounds and Open Spaces
Wyvernwood's 69-acre grounds will include an extensive network of parks, open space and pedestrian-friendly pathways centered around a large central park. In total, the design includes 10 acres of open space and parks that will be professionally maintained, along with another 11 acres of open-space amenities such as courtyards and plazas featuring terraces, balconies and patios.

Besides the large central park, features will include:

  • Active parks, which will feature running paths, bicycle paths and other opportunities for recreation and exercise. 
  • Neighborhood greens, which will offer scenic and relaxing settings for residents and visitors to gather outdoors.
  • Two neighborhood playgrounds located near the two adjacent public schools.
  • A civic plaza accompanying the project's dedicated civic space – 25,000 square feet that may include a library and computer center, or a multi-purpose community room.


Click here to view plans for the parks, open space and playgrounds

Unlike the current site, where much of the open space is fragmented into unconnected plots, the new site connects open space together to provide far more opportunities for recreation and enjoyment.

Landscaping will also play a major role throughout the project, to enhance open areas, provide shade and complement the site’s architecture. Plantings will include both native and drought-tolerant species. Rows of trees will line all internal roadways as well as the site’s perimeter, doubling the number of trees on site to 1,400 or more.