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Wyvernwood Holds 100th Community Meeting on Redevelopment Project

Extensive outreach efforts aim to ensure that local opinion and community concerns are reflected in project’s design

LOS ANGELES (March 9, 2011) — The owner of Wyvernwood Garden Apartments marked a milestone today, holding the 100th community meeting focused on the upcoming redevelopment of the site, which will transform the aging complex into a modern and secure mixed-use destination.

The meetings, held on both the Wyvernwood grounds and in the surrounding Boyle Heights neighborhood, are organized by Fifteen Group in order to gather feedback on the proposed redevelopment project at the site. The gatherings have included public open houses with Wyvernwood residents as well as smaller sessions with community leaders and civic organizations.

“It’s very important to us that the community’s voice be fully represented in the design of this project,” said Fifteen Group Executive Vice President and Principal Steven Fink. “We have been energized by the enthusiasm we’ve heard, and we will continue to reach out and incorporate feedback as the city approval process moves forward.”

Input from the meetings has shaped the design of the project, a 10-year effort that will create up to 4,400 apartments and condominiums, along with 10 acres of open space, neighborhood-serving retail destinations and office space.

For example, widespread concern about unemployment in the area helped lead to the creation of the Boyle Heights Jobs Collaborative, a program that will give local residents priority in receiving the thousands of construction jobs the project will generate. In addition, concerns from current Wyvernwood residents helped lead to the creation of a Resident Retention Plan, which gives existing tenants priority access to units in the new project (including up to 660 affordable units), and assures them their rents will not rise beyond what they would pay for their current apartment.

“Listening to the public and responding to their views will make this a better development for Boyle Heights,” Fink said.

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