The Nw Wyvernwood

Transforming Wyvernwood Apartments to make a vibrant new Boyle Heights.

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A New Wyvernwood

Comfortable new homes and retail options. Expansive parks and open spaces. And built-in safety features proven to increase security.

The award-winning Wyvernwood redevelopment project will transform the outdated site into a modern, 21st-century community for all to take pride in.

Homes, Shopping and Offices
Modern homes, neighborhood-serving stores and new office space will be the cornerstones of the transformed neighborhood. >>>

A Green Environment
Ten acres of professionally maintained open space along with dozens of sustainable, LEED-approved design features will help the site be both naturally beautiful and environmentally responsible. >>>

A Safe and Secure Community
New safety features including better lighting and improved road circulation will substantially enhance the site's security. Public transportation options and highway access will be improved as well. >>>