The Nw Wyvernwood

Transforming Wyvernwood Apartments to make a vibrant new Boyle Heights.

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A Safe and Secure Community

Wyvernwood Apartments Modern and Safe Neighborhood

Ensuring security for residents and visitors at the project is a top priority. Features proven to enhance safety are central elements of the community’s design, which adheres to internationally recognized “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” standards.

  • Increased and Improved Lighting
    Streetlights and extensive pathway lighting will reduce concealed areas and make for safer walking conditions after dark. Improved lighting of building entries and walkways will help orient pedestrians and clearly identify secure routes between parking areas and building entrances.
  • Natural Surveillance 
    Active communities deter crime. The project is designed to welcome residents out of their homes to enjoy shared amenities such as retail locations and parks. In addition, building entrances, doorways and architectural features such as balconies and terraces will be oriented toward public spaces. The result will be improved sightlines throughout the site ensuring “eyes on the street” to promote neighborly monitoring of the complex. In addition, the new layout ensures that public spaces are open and visible to residents, pedestrians and passing traffic.
  • Improved Circulation
    The current Wyvernwood complex has only three roads, leading to poor circulation that prevents security vehicles and emergency responders from accessing all areas of the complex. A modernized, expanded street grid will enhance access to all areas of the site. This will permit better patrolling and allow police, fire and medical vehicles to respond swiftly to the precise location where help may be needed.

Additional security features will include a closed-circuit television survey system and an active Neighborhood Watch Program. Plus, tax revenue from the project – estimated to total $11 million a year in net revenue for the City at full buildout – will help support police and fire protection, along with other vital public services.