The Nw Wyvernwood

Transforming Wyvernwood Apartments to make a vibrant new Boyle Heights.

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A New Landmark is Coming to Boyle Heights

Exciting changes are in store for Wyvernwood Apartments. A new, community-minded development project will transform the 69-acre site into a modern living, shopping and office destination that will serve the Boyle Heights area for decades to come.

The New Wyvernwood includes:

  • Up to 4,400 residential units in a variety of building styles to rent and purchase
  • Up to 300,000 square feet of neighborhood-serving retail and office space
  • Up to 25,000 square feet of community civic space
  • 10 acres of professionally maintained, publicly accessible parks and open space
  • An additional 11 acres of courtyards, plazas and other outdoor amenities


In recognition of its innovative, high-quality design, The New Wyvernwood was granted the prestigious Charter Award by the Congress for the New Urbanism in March 2012.

In addition to renewing the aging Wyvernwood development, the 10-year project will deliver a powerful economic boost and create thousands of jobs, especially for local residents. Please explore this website to learn more about the project, and see for yourself why it’s winning support from all over the community.

A New Wyvernwood
The new living center will transform the outdated site into a vibrant, sustainable neighborhood. >>>

Investing in Boyle Heights
The ambitious project will bring new jobs and new energy to the entire region. >>>

A Commitment to Our Community
Local residents played an active role in shaping the project, which makes special commitments to current Wyvernwood tenants. >>>