The Nw Wyvernwood

Transforming Wyvernwood Apartments to make a vibrant new Boyle Heights.

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Preserving Community Ties

 It takes more than a collection of buildings to create a neighborhood – it’s the people who bring a community to life. To help Wyvernwood residents transition smoothly to the new development, the site’s owners have created a comprehensive Resident Retention Plan spelling out several commitments to current tenants.

A key commitment included in the plan: current residents will be able to move into brand new, improved apartments in the new project and pay no more in rent than they would have paid for their current, outdated unit.

Other commitments:

  • Current residents will be given “first in line” priority access to buy or rent a unit in the new development. For qualified residents, this includes access to the 15 percent of units that will be designated as affordable housing – up to 660 units in total.  


  • Residents will be given at least a year’s notice before being asked to leave their unit so construction can take place. They will be able to stay onsite, in a comparable housing unit. 


  • Current tenants who wish to become homeowners on the site will receive financial assistance (currently $18,300) to purchase a unit. Those who wish to leave will receive a relocation payment of the same size, in accordance with Los Angeles Housing Department policy.

For more details about the Resident Retention Plan, click here (PDF).

Minimizing Disruptions

As another commitment to residents, numerous mitigation measures will be implemented during construction to limit the inconvenience of the building process. All construction equipment will use sound mufflers, and noise-generating work will occur only during daylight hours. No construction will take place on Sundays.

In addition, concrete and other materials salvaged during demolition will be reused as much as possible to limit the amount of new material delivered to the site. Construction areas will be fenced off and regularly swept and cleaned to reduce dust creation, and diesel vehicles will obey California air-quality regulations that forbid excessive idling.