The Nw Wyvernwood

Transforming Wyvernwood Apartments to make a vibrant new Boyle Heights.

Learn the facts

Wyvernwood is NOT Chávez Ravine!

To the people of Boyle Heights: Any suggestion that The New Wyvernwood has any similarity at all with the tragedy at Chávez Ravine is wrong and irresponsible.

Hundreds of families were displaced from Chávez Ravine, and an entire community demolished. By contrast, The New Wyvernwood represents progress and improvement for Boyle Heights, while completely protecting residents with legally enforceable commitments.

  • NO residents will be displaced from Wyvernwood, which will be modernized and improved at no cost to current tenants.

  • Current tenants with low incomes will be able to move into new units with below-market rents.  All other tenants will be able to remain in rent-stabilized units in the new property, paying no more in rent than they would have paid if the project had never happened.

  • Families who choose to leave Wyvernwood will receive the maximum relocation provided for by the Los Angeles Housing Department, currently $18,650 per unit.

  • These are legally binding commitments from the project developer, and have been thoroughly vetted by the City of Los Angeles

  • Comparing the Wyvernwood redevelopment to Chávez Ravine in any way is a disrespect to the memory of that community and the people who lived there.

Opponents of this project are attempting to frighten Wyvernwood residents with scare tactics and false information. The New Wyvernwood is an investment in our future, providing a safer and more liveable community while creating the jobs and economic development that Boyle Heights needs in the 21st century.